This research area is about current thinking and Nick Hanks’ own thoughts on human nature and how to be in the modern world within Nick Hanks’ general site. This is very much a long work in progress. The material here has not been distilled or contradictions resolved. Some of the ideas will be changed or dropped as this process continues. However, as others have asked me to put this ‘work-in-progress’ material up I hope some of it will be found to be useful even as it is.

Introduction – what this is and why am I doing it

My Thoughts

Current Thinking

This section is covers a lot of ground, but it is not intended to be comprehensive. It is to provide context for my other research interests, hence some of the headings may seem too specific, while others are too general. I intend to add a Summary page that draws all the themes together, but this will need to wait for a while. These pages also require a little work on the links.

Others’ Thinking

These pages will be filled by more extensive notes from some particularly useful sources

  • Tao Teh Ching – The Way and Its Virtue. The book I read more than any other.


What’s New  – I am currently beginning to gather some new material to be added to Current Thinking section.

Cheers, Nick 29-Mar-2015