This research area is Nick Hanks’ collation of ritual theory that may be of use to ritual practitioners within Nick Hanks’ general website.



Practitioners of ritual have been studied by academics and contributed to their understanding of ritual and development of theories. But as a former practitioner I had realised that many of these ideas would benefit those who practice by giving them a better understanding of the ritual process. For example a number of rituals that I have experienced that didn’t work, theory has explained why this was the case. So I am gathering those theories and ideas that in my experience would be most useful (as well as more general scientific research from ‘Natural Philosophy’ strand). Much of this material has already been gathered and I just need to collate it.


What’s New  – Not much has happened here yet, but as I move attention to matters ritual in the other strands, some additional material will start to appear here.

Cheers, Nick 23-Sept-2013