This research area is on Nick Hanks’ landscape archaeology and historical research within Nick Hanks’ general website. It is a selection of interesting material from the following UK sites:-

  • Brean Down, Somerset. Landscape Archaeology
  • Crook Peak & Wavering Down, Somerset. Landscape Archaeology
  • Dunster Castle, Somerset. Historical Research
  • Dyrham Park, South Gloucestershire. Historical Research
  • Hardy’s Cottage, Dorset. Historical Research
  • Holt Forest, Dorset. Historical Research
  • Shirehampton Park, Bristol. Historical Research
  • Failand, North Somerset. Landscape Archaeology
  • Tyntesfield, North Somerset. Landscape Archaeology
  • Stanton Drew Stone Circles, North Somerset. Landscape Archaeology


  • Historical Fact Database (methodology developed while working on Dyrham and Dunster)


This material comes from a mixture of existing reports (see Publications):-

Landscape Archaeology; detailed studies of landscapes development through all time periods. Written up as reports.

Historical Research; transcribing documents about historic properties concerning their occupants, architecture, contents, gardens and estates. Transcribed in to HTML and key facts extracted and entered in to a specially designed database.
I am intending to write these up in more accessible formats either for book or web publication. Some additional research will be done to bring the material up to date.


What’s New  – Not much at the moment but work is going on with Brean Down and so some Material about this will appear later in the year. There are still a number of pages for which I have to load content so expect a few blank pages. Next year some new field work will lead to a new page (with stuff actually on it).

Cheers, Nick 23-Sept-2013